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For healthy fish and chips, even gluten free fish and chips, come to us in Sandgate

Fish on Flinders understands that you want to enjoy your favourite foods without feeling like you have overindulged. We offer only the freshest local seafood including prawns, crabs, Moreton Bay bugs, Coffin Bay oysters, sea scallops, green prawns and much more. 

We cook with healthy rice bran oils and even offer gluten free fish and chips so everyone can enjoy the great taste of our fresh seafood!
In fact, all our chips are gluten free, as they are cooked in separate fryers with the best rice bran oil. Read on to learn more about the health benefits of our fish and chips or simply come and see us in Sandgate to try them for yourself.


To maintain optimal health it is a good idea to eat fish 2 to 3 times a week. Fish is an important part of a balanced diet and offers a host of health benefits, including:
  • Fish reduces cholesterol and boosts heart health thanks to Omega 3 oils
  • Fish is rich in essential nutrients such as selenium, phosphorus and iron
  • Fish is high in Vitamin D3 which helps prevent diabetes and certain types of cancers
  • Vitamin D3 also enriches and protects the bones, nervous system and muscles


The humble spud is something you can feel good about enjoying!
Check out the health benefits of potatoes below:
  • Potatoes contain almost no fat
  • They are low in calories (about 77 cal per 100g)
  • Potatoes are high in the valuable minerals potassium and magnesium
  • They are also rich in vitamin C and other vitamins
  • They are an important source of fibre
  • They are a good energy source as they are up to 25% starch based
  • Potatoes contain more vitamin C than an apple and five times less calories than pasta!
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Gluten Free

It is not always easy to find delicious gluten free options when dining out. Now you can dine with confidence at Fish on Flinders with a specially prepared gluten free serve of our famous fresh fish and chips, cakes and biscuits! We will use special wheat free batter and cook your meal separately to ensure that you can enjoy just what the rest of the family is eating.

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